Currently our products are categorized into 4 series: metallic foil, holographic foil, pigment foil, transfer paper (foil). They are mainly applied in wine label, packaging box, plastic bottle/tubes, cigarette tipping paper, cigarette package and some anti-counterfeit areas. Additionally, Hengfeng is dedicated to providing one stop solutions to the related supply chain.

Holographic Foil

Holographic foils can be divided into three main categories as shown below, which are recommended for various cardboard, coated paper and laminated paper, presenting unique effect.

1. Rainbow pattern

This is the principal holographic foils with high gloss level and perfect rainbow effect which are widely used in greeting cards, packaging cartons, book covers ,etc..

2. Grating pattern

Combined with geometric elements and optical principle, this foil consists of different sized and sequential geometric patterns to achieve the multi-angled diffraction effect. Widely used in thepackaging applications for wine, cigarette, greeting card, paper carton, pillbox, etc..

3. Holograms

Based on various technologies, we customize the hologram to your market requirements for anti-counterfeit and brand strengthening purpose. It is widely used in tobacco, cosmetics, food, wine and medicine industry where anti-counterfeit is highly demanded.