Currently our products are categorized into 4 series: metallic foil, holographic foil, pigment foil, transfer paper (foil). They are mainly applied in wine label, packaging box, plastic bottle/tubes, cigarette tipping paper, cigarette package and some anti-counterfeit areas. Additionally, Hengfeng is dedicated to providing one stop solutions to the related supply chain.

Metallic Foil

Various color-shades available for a wide range of applications. Mainly applied in wine labels, packaging boxes, cigarette tipping paper, cigarette packages, plastic bottles/tubes etc.. Color-match service is available upon request. For more information, please contact our sales team.

  •    Environmentally-friendly, high-speed

  •    Color-match service

  •    Works on various stamping machines (up and down, semi-rotary, rotary or combined)

  •    Rub-resistance, scratch-resistance